How to Update Users Attributes in Local AD from CSV file with Powershell

Here is an example of CSV, please encode it UTF-8

JaneDoe,Jane Doe,JD,de,Jane,Leo,Doe,+49 30 1000000-104,8888888888,000007000,[email protected],Contoso Ltd,Muster Allee 121,Berlin,15014,IT,Accountant,Musterstra├če 17,MMustermann,55555555,

and here is the PS Code

Import-module ActiveDirectory
$users = Import-Csv "C:\temp\Attributes.csv"
foreach ($user in $users) {
    $props = @{
        identity    = $user.samaccountname
        DisplayName = if($user.DisplayName    ){$user.DisplayName    }else{$null}
        Country     = if($user.Country    ){$user.Country    }else{$null}
        givenName     = if($user.fname    ){$user.fname    }else{$null}
        OtherName     = if($user.OtherName    ){$user.OtherName    }else{$null}
        surname     = if($    ){$    }else{$null}
        Fax     = if($user.Fax    ){$user.Fax    }else{$null}
        OfficePhone     = if($user.OfficePhone    ){$user.OfficePhone    }else{$null}
        MobilePhone     = if($user.MobilePhone    ){$user.MobilePhone    }else{$null}
        EmailAddress     = if($user.EmailAddress    ){$user.EmailAddress    }else{$null}
        Company     = if($user.Company    ){$user.Company    }else{$null}
        Office     = if($user.Office    ){$user.Office    }else{$null}
        City     = if($user.City    ){$user.City    }else{$null}
        PostalCode     = if($user.postalCode    ){$user.postalCode    }else{$null}
        Department     = if($user.Department    ){$user.Department    }else{$null}
        Title     = if($user.Title    ){$user.Title    }else{$null}
        HomePage     = if($user.HomePage    ){$user.HomePage    }else{$null}
        streetAddress       = if($user.streetAddress      ){$user.streetAddress      }else{$null}
        Manager       = if($user.Manager      ){$user.Manager      }else{$null}
        Initials      = if($user.Initials      ){$user.Initials      }else{$null}
        HomePhone     = if($user.HomePhone      ){$user.HomePhone      }else{$null}
    set-aduser @props

Please Take these points in consideration 

  • For Manager The acceptable values for this parameter are:

A distinguished name
A GUID (objectGUID)
A security identifier (objectSid)
A SAM account name (sAMAccountName)

  • For Country please use the region code, in my case it “de” for Germany


How to add Chrome extensions with via Group Policies

After installing chrome on your Terminal Server or the managed computers you need to download the templates for google chrome.

Then import the ADM file through MMC

Under Computer configuration > Administrative Templates > Classic Administrative Templates (ADM) > Google > Google Chrome > Extensions > Configure the list of force-installed apps and extensions
Use this syntax to add extensions:


Example: to add RDP extension to Google Chrome